ASNT NDT Level III & PCN Level III Services

At PetroNex, we extend professional services of experienced ASNT NDT Level III and PCN Level III personnel to our valued customers. Our highly experienced and certified In-house ASNT Level III, PCN Level III, PCN Level II professionals are always keen to extend best in class services.

The American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) is the single largest certifying body of NDT personnel today and the ASNT NDT Level III certificate remains the most respected and widely accepted NDT certification throughout the world.

Our ASNT expanded third-party Level III certification to cover Practical and Procedure Preparation (PP) examinations in various NDT methods

With our certified ASNT NDT Level III and ACCP Professional Level III personnel we offer Level III consulting services to various industries. Our Level III services includes but not limited to:

  • Written Practice development for new entities
  • Written Procedure development
  • Method selection and implementation
  • Inspection plan formulation
  • Inspection project management
  • Technical Reporting
  • Third Party Client Representation
  • Codes and Specifications interpretation

With vast experience in the above we can ensure our clients requirements are met and projects are completed on schedule adhering to all quality and safety procedures.

NDT Trainings

Petronex NDT Academy training programs focuses on both in-house NDT operations and portable/field use of NDT methods. We provide in-depth training along with practical including the equipment, consumable materials, procedures and typical applications used in a variety of industry settings.

In conjunction with traditional classroom instruction, we provide hands-on training simulations and demonstrations to promote and enhance our trainees’ understanding of NDT methods and acquisition of practical NDT skills.

The following are the standard courses provide by the NDT Training Center. Additional courses may be available on request:

  • Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) Level I & II
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing NAS 410 (PT) Level I & II
  • Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) Level I & II
  • Magnetic Particle Testing NAS 410 (MT) Level I & II
  • Liquid Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Testing Combined (PT/MT) Level I & II
  • Radiographic Testing (RT) Level I & II
  • Digital Radiographic Testing (DR) Level II
  • Digital Radiographic Testing with Digital Detector Arrays (DDA) Level II
  • Digital Radiographic Testing with Computed Radiography (CR) Level II
  • Radiographic Interpretation: Advanced (RT) Level II
  • Radiation Safety (RS)
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Level I & Level II
  • Visual Testing (VT) Level I & Level II
  • Eddy Current Testing Level I & Level II
  • Thermographic Testing Level I & Level II

Specialist courses we offer include:

  • Film-to-digital conversion training
  • Digital software application training
  • Aerospace cast film-interpretation training
  • NAS410-specific training

Our course programs are tailored according to national and regional requirements.

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