Advanced NDT Services

Advanced NDT Services encompasses a very large field of techniques and potential applications across a wide variety of Industrial Sectors. PetroNex primarily utilises this technology in the field of Oil& Gas, Aviation, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation and New Construction/Fabrication sectors.
The group of technologies can be divided into three main categories

Ultrasonic Applications

Ultrasonic applications include Phased Array Ultrasonics; Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD); Automated Corrosion Mapping (Ambient and High Temperatures up to 400C and AUT which covers High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA); Hydrogen Induced Cracking (HIC); Long Range Ultrasonics (LRUT); Short range Ultrasonics (SRUT).

Electromagnetic Applications

Electromagnetic applications include Surface Eddy Current; Eddy Current array; Tube Inspection techniques (RFT/NFT/MFL/ECT); 3D Floor Scanning.
Often there is a requirement to combine techniques to acquire sufficient data to present comprehensive results.

Computerised Radiography

Computed radiography (CR) uses very similar equipment to conventional radiography except that in place of a film to create the image, an imaging plate (IP) made of photostimulable phosphor is used. The imaging plate is housed in a special cassette and placed under the body part or object to be examined and the x-ray exposure is made.

Digital radiography (DR) is a form of X-ray imaging, where digital X-ray sensors are used instead of traditional photographic film. Advantages include time efficiency through bypassing chemical processing and the ability to digitally transfer and enhance images. Also, less radiation can be used to produce an image of similar contrast to conventional radiography.

Advantages of CR/DR techniques:

  • Greater image quality and faster results.
  • Accurate detectability of smaller defects.
  • Economical due to the reduced film costs as the data is stored digitally.
  • Portable and mobile systems for real time site results.
  • Provides options for dose reduction wherever necessary.
  • New technology also offers storage possibilities of the data and images.
  • Possibility of wireless transfer of data.
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