Defence & Security – Digital Radiography Solutions

Defence & Security – Digital Radiography Solutions


The PiX Portable Security Solution from Pacific is designed with a complete focus on the end-user. Every component has a snap-on fit for quick and definitive use in a high-pressure environment. The system carries certifications such as Military Standard 810G, 461G for usage in low and high temperature, vibration, and altitude, and is backed by Pacific’s ISO 9001:2015 approved quality management system.

The system comes in a portable & rugged pelican case on wheels with custom foam (also available in a backpack solution). The imaging unit consists of an IP67 rated DR with the lowest edge space in the market, a rugged IP 65 PC/Tablet, PiX Security Software, PiX Gold 3.0 Control Box, Dual Energy Module (2.0), Golden XRS source & other accessories (bipod stand, tripod stand, etc).

The PiX Security Solution operates with a built-in battery and has both tethered & wireless modes. Our system enables you to capture and display an image in a matter of seconds, allowing you to make rapid decisions under high-pressure situations.


Low Edge Space

IP 67 Certified Detectors

Complete Wireless X-Ray Control

Emergency ON/OFF Switch

Dual Energy Module


Visual & Audible Alarm

Pelican & Backpack Solutions

Long Range Image Transfer

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